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Studying in the United States, Saudi citizens targeted for the criticism of their government

Saudi citizens in the United States say that they can't escape the watchful eye of their government.

5-01-2022, 08:35

Morant leads Grizzlies to 6th straight victory

Ja Morant scored 26 points, Memphis Grizzlies beat Cleveland Cavaliers 110-106.

5-01-2022, 08:28

Kazakh government resigns amid nationwide protests

President signs decree accepting government’s resignation effective immediately.

5-01-2022, 08:26

Nakba Day; Not just a historical event

In 1948 over 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly displaced, exiled or forced to flee their homes, a process of dispossession that continues to this day.

5-01-2022, 08:10

Ted Cruz: Biden could face impeachment over border policy if GOP retakes House

Ted Cruz says House Republicans will face pressure to impeach Biden

5-01-2022, 06:02
North America/ Entertainment

Janet Jackson breaks silence on Michael Jackson’s child abuse allegations

Superstar singer opens up in new trailer for Lifetime and A&E documentary ”Janet“ premiering Jan. 28.

5-01-2022, 05:56