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Leaked; Saudi Arabia's million dollar expenses against Hezbollah in the 2022 Lebanese elections

Saudi Arabia has allocated $ 10 million to spend the Lebanese parliamentary elections.

6-04-2022, 04:01

US military presence in Ukraine could have deterred Putin, says top general

Deterring Putin from war in Ukraine by US would have required commitment of American military forces, says Mark Milley.

6-04-2022, 03:06

When Biden became a laughing stock!

"My name is Joe Biden, I'm Barack Obama's vice president and I'm Jill Biden's husband."

6-04-2022, 02:48

Melinda reveals one of the reasons of her divorce with Bill Gates

Bill Gates’s relationship with the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was a factor in his divorce after 27 years of marriage, his ex-wife has revealed.

6-04-2022, 01:45