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Damascus airport hit by Israel airstrikes, 5 killed

Israel has intensified missile attacks on Syrian airports saying the strikes target Iranian forces and military assets.

16-09-2022, 23:53

Spain to face France in EuroBasket 2022 final

Lorenzo Brown leads Spaniards to 96-91 semifinal win over Germany with 29 points in Berlin

16-09-2022, 23:49

Britney Spears opened up about her secret cyber relation with Prince William

In 2003, Prince William started dating his now wife Kate Middleton. After years of romance, William married Kate in the year 2011, and now the couple have three children together: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

16-09-2022, 23:47

Wall Street tumbles to a two-month low

All three major US stock indices fell well below their numbers set in the month of June, primarily due to the less-than-encouraging CPI report, global slowdown and FedEx's dismal first-quarter report.

16-09-2022, 23:42

Mortar shells from Myanmar kill Rohingya teenager, injure 6 in Bangladesh

The Rohingya have been caught in the crossfire between Myanmar's military and the Arakan Army, an armed group fighting for self-determination for ethnic minorities in the Rakhine state.

16-09-2022, 23:38

Australia discovers world's oldest heart dating back 380 million years

The fish specimens were kept in limestone concretions, and the study team, led by Professor Kate Trinajstic, scanned them using x-rays and neutron beams, according to a statement from Curtin University

16-09-2022, 22:28

White House puts out first framework for cryptocurrencies

Priorities include consumer protection, financial stability, countering illicit finance, financial inclusion, innovation

16-09-2022, 13:12

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs rally past Chargers; Justin Herbert injured

Patrick Mahomes had the final say over Justin Herbert on Thursday night

16-09-2022, 13:06