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Palestinians warn British PM against moving UK embassy to al-Quds

Trump sparked controversy by officially recognizing al-Quds as the Israeli ‘capital’ in December 2017, now Liz Truss wants to follow the steps

23-09-2022, 01:50

James Webb telescope captures detailed image of Neptune and its delicate, dusty rings

Webb's unprecedented infrared imaging capabilities have helped provide a new glimpse into Neptune's atmosphere, said Mark McCaughrean, a senior advisor for science and exploration at the European Space Agency.

23-09-2022, 01:23

Seeing end of COVID-19 in sight doesn't mean pandemic is over, says WHO chief

Tedros Ghebreyesus estimates COVID-19 deaths at 10% of peak levels in Jan. 2021, but end has not yet been reached

23-09-2022, 01:17

Pound drops to 37-year low against US dollar

GBP/USD rate falls below 1.12 for first time since January 1985

23-09-2022, 01:14

France beats Australia in World Cup

Les Bleues bag 70-57 win in 2022 World Cup opener in Sydney

23-09-2022, 01:11

Is Johnny Depp dating his former attorney Joelle Rich?

Johnny Depp's got a new love interest in his life and she's a lawyer. But it's not that lawyer.

23-09-2022, 01:06

Boeing to pay $200 million for misleading investors on 737 MAX safety

The SEC said Boeing and Muilenburg did not admit or deny the SEC’s findings. The regulatory agency said a fund will be established for the benefit of harmed investors.

23-09-2022, 01:00