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Musk asks Twitter users to vote on reinstatement of Trump

'Reinstate former President Trump,' Musk began poll in a post

18-11-2022, 22:14

Paint poured on Charles Ray sculpture in Paris

Environmentalist group Derniere Renovation calls for strong action from governments against climate change

18-11-2022, 22:07

Thousands of refugee children victims of Human Trafficking

Missing children in EU are targeted by criminals for human trafficking, organ trafficking, forced begging, prostitution

18-11-2022, 21:58

Schools in UK struggle amid soaring energy bills, cost of living

Staff, students at schools in Oxford, Abingdon might have to choose between teaching and heating, CEO of Vale Academy Trust tells British media

18-11-2022, 20:52

UAE hosts final round of Formula 1 World Championship

The final stage of the Formula 1 season starts in Abu Dhabi.

18-11-2022, 20:48

Warhol car on display in Italy, covered in flour, Here's why

Climate activists of ''Ultima Generazione (Last Generation)" threw flour on Andy Warhol's work, in Milan, Italy.

18-11-2022, 20:24