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Hamas Announces Israeli Soldier's Death in Gaza Attacks

The Al-Qassam Brigades revealed the demise of a 19-year-old Israeli female soldier and the injury of a male soldier in recent Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

15-11-2023, 19:11

Hezbollah Releases Video of Attack on Zionist Regime's Logistics Force near the Occupied Town of Dovev

6 Zionists were injured in an anti-tank guided missile attack by the Hezbollah group from Lebanon.

15-11-2023, 19:06

Houthi Leader Expresses Intent to Mobilize Hundreds of Thousands Against the Zionist Enemy

Earlier, Houthi Leader expressed Yemen's willingness to join rocket and drone attacks in response to direct U.S. intervention in Gaza conflict.

15-11-2023, 18:55

Israeli Forces Partially Withdraw from Al Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza Amid Humanitarian Concerns

Reports of arrests and restricted movement intensify concerns for the estimated 700 patients, 650 medical staff, and 1,000 displaced individuals within the complex.

15-11-2023, 18:38

Biden and Xi Navigate Diplomatic Waters in Face-to-Face Summit

US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping engage in their first in-person meeting since 2022, addressing critical issues amid escalating tensions. The talks, held on the sidelines of the APEC summit, focus on restoring diplomatic channels and managing bilateral competition.

15-11-2023, 18:31

Microsoft Unveils Custom AI Chips, Paving the Way for Next-Gen Cloud Computing

Microsoft announces the launch of custom-designed AI chips, marking a significant stride in the realm of cloud computing and AI technologies.

15-11-2023, 18:26

Global Greenhouse Gas Levels Reach Unprecedented Heights, UN Warns of Alarming Trends

The World Meteorological Organization's Greenhouse Gas Bulletin for 2022 reveals a distressing scenario as atmospheric concentrations of heat-trapping gases hit record levels, with carbon dioxide surpassing pre-industrial benchmarks by 50%.

15-11-2023, 18:20

Gaza Faces Communication Breakdown Amidst Severe Fuel Shortage

The Gaza Strip is on the brink of a communication crisis as fuel shortages threaten to halt all services. International efforts are underway to secure essential fuel supplies, but the situation remains dire.

15-11-2023, 18:15