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Doctors in Madrid begin ‘historic’ indefinite strike

Regional premier asked doctors to go back to work amid spike in flu cases

22-11-2022, 05:54

Rishi Sunak announces new air defense package for Ukraine

Package includes 125 anti-aircraft guns and technology to counter Iranian-supplied drones, says official statement

19-11-2022, 22:17

Schools in UK struggle amid soaring energy bills, cost of living

Staff, students at schools in Oxford, Abingdon might have to choose between teaching and heating, CEO of Vale Academy Trust tells British media

18-11-2022, 20:52

China and Argentina agree to currency swap at G20 summit

Sergio Massa says $5 billion will help strengthen Argentina's Central bank, currency

15-11-2022, 22:00

Oil prices fall 3% as global recession fears

WTI crude futures fall more than 3% to below $86 per barrel; OPEC reduces forecasts for global oil demand as recession concerns grow

14-11-2022, 20:15

Dollar steadies as Fed cautions on inflation

A slightly cooler-than-anticipated inflation data on Thursday sent the greenback on a tailspin, with the dollar index sliding 3.6% over two sessions last week, its biggest two-day percentage loss since March 2009.

13-11-2022, 20:38

Disney opens up about cost cuts, hiring freeze and layoffs in memo

Chief Executive Bob Chapek states in a memo that Disney is instituting a targeted hiring freeze and anticipates "some small staff reductions" as it looks to manage costs.

11-11-2022, 22:39

Bitcoin down 6% as FTX files for bankruptcy, Binance CEO warns crisis

Changpeng Zhao says there will be 'cascading effects' with FTX going down

11-11-2022, 22:32

Consumer sentiment plunges to 4-month low

Index erases around half of gains recorded since historic low in June

11-11-2022, 22:20