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Mexico's Industrial Production Increases by 0.4% in January

Figure Meeting Market Expectations

12-03-2024, 18:04

Brazil's Consumer Inflation Registers Monthly Gain in February

Annually, the consumer price index increases by 4.5%.

12-03-2024, 18:02

Airbnb prohibits usage of internal security cameras over privacy concerns

The move comes after years of occasional reports of Airbnb users discovering hidden cameras in their lodgings.

12-03-2024, 17:47

Bitcoin Achieves All-Time High at $71,500

Bitcoin's Daily Growth Reaches 2.7%

11-03-2024, 16:42

Oil prices fall due to concerns about demand in China

The escalation of geopolitical tensions surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict and the Russia-Ukraine war is preventing a significant decrease in oil prices.

11-03-2024, 16:19

Bin Salman's Unfulfilled Promises: Weakest Performance of Non-Oil Economy in Saudi Arabia

Challenges and Realities of Saudi Arabia's Economic Vision

9-03-2024, 17:51

The troubles of NYCB may not end. Why?

Following the announcement that it had raised $1 billion in capital from private investors, including Liberty Strategic Capital, the former Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's firm, the regional bank revealed that it had lost $7.8 billion, or 7%, of deposits in the previous month.

9-03-2024, 10:20

Jeff Bezos replaces Elon Musk to reclaim title of world's richest man

According to the index, Bezos has made $23 billion in gains thus far in 2024, while Musk has lost almost $31 billion.

6-03-2024, 10:49

EU fines Apple about $2Bn for restricting music streaming competition

The European Commission, which is in charge of enforcing antitrust laws on behalf of the 27 member states of the bloc, said that Apple had silenced streaming services' users about payment options that could be made through their websites.

4-03-2024, 11:46