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Tourist spots in Shanghai closed amidst rising Covid cases

Despite anti-lockdown protests, Chinese authorities introducing strict restrictions to stem spread of virus

29-11-2022, 02:24

US developed ‘synthetic coronavirus pathogen’, claims Russia

‘Modified virus acquired by the Americans killed 80% of infected model animals,’ says Russian Defense Ministry official

26-11-2022, 20:31

China reports more than 31,000 new COVID-19 cases, with more than 3,000 symptoms

1,893 more patients recover from coronavirus, says China's National Health Commission

26-11-2022, 20:20

Can time turn back? Scientists have reached somewhere in race

The focus of ageing research now is to abandon unrealistic, and ethically questionable goal of helping us live forever, but instead pursue the goal of making sure the years we have are lived in good health.

15-11-2022, 22:40

More than a billion teens and young people risk hearing loss due to use of headphones, earbuds

According to previous research, people often choose volumes as high as 105 decibels when listening to music with headphones and earbuds, while entertainment venues see average sound levels range from 104 to 112.

15-11-2022, 22:27

What experts say about the XBB Covid variant?

INSACOG, or Indian SARS-CoV-2 Consortium on Genomics, a group of 54 laboratories across the country that monitor the different iterations of the virus made the observation

31-10-2022, 23:55

WHO publishes first ever list of fungal infections that are 'becoming a threat to humanity'

The global health organisation has identified 19 "priority pathogens" that include yeasts and moulds and are evolving and becoming resistant to treatments.

27-10-2022, 20:09

China launches world's 1st inhalable COVID-19 vaccine

Shanghai Municipality authorities say people aged 18 and above receiving vaccine as booster dose

26-10-2022, 20:28