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Can switching to asthma inhaler be better?

The aerosol asthma inhalers we use are cheap but, because of the gases they contain, are one of the NHS's biggest contributions to climate change.

6-02-2022, 05:51

Latin American countries report new COVID-19 cases, fatalities

Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay struggle against pandemic.

1-02-2022, 09:47

Germany reports over 190,000 coronavirus cases for 2nd day

Omicron variant makes up 95% of new COVID-19 cases in country, according to Robert Koch Institute

28-01-2022, 20:01

Tory lord minister resigns over government mishandling COVID fraud

Lord Agnew resigns over government inaction on fraudulent COVID business payments

24-01-2022, 23:18

Japan's daily infections smash record for 3rd straight day

Over 46,000 fresh cases reported as country grapples with new wave driven by omicron variant.

20-01-2022, 15:08

German police investigating 12,000 fake vaccine certificates

Fraud on rise, vaccine certificate can be obtained for $227-340, reports German media.

20-01-2022, 15:06

Pakistan records highest daily COVID-19 cases

5,472 more infections with 8 new deaths have been reported in past 24 hours

19-01-2022, 10:48
North America/Health

Mexico reports over 49,000 new COVID cases

Battling 4th wave of pandemic, North American country sees rise in daily cases.

19-01-2022, 06:30

Australia records highest single-day COVID-19 deaths

Fatalities reported in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

18-01-2022, 16:36