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UN urges African governments to make suicide prevention a priority in Africa

Did you know that Africa has the highest suicide rate in the world?

11-10-2022, 14:32

Increasing Covid infections in Europe prompt concerns over future U.S. Wave

COVID-19 waves in Europe have often predicted future increases in the U.S.

4-10-2022, 12:57

One third of youth feel their lives have spiralled out of control due to Covid: Study

“Young people today are facing unique challenges which threaten the futures and aspirations of an entire generation if we don’t act,” said the charity’s UK chief executive, Jonathan Townsend to the Guardian.

4-10-2022, 12:41

Ringo Starr cancels concert after sudden health issues

Ringo, 82, has been diagnosed with Covid-19

3-10-2022, 23:09

Herpes treatment helps remove tumors in terminally-ill cancer patients

Krzysztof Wojkowski, 39, a builder from West London, went from end-of-life care to being cancer free after joining the trial.

24-09-2022, 00:56

Seeing end of COVID-19 in sight doesn't mean pandemic is over, says WHO chief

Tedros Ghebreyesus estimates COVID-19 deaths at 10% of peak levels in Jan. 2021, but end has not yet been reached

23-09-2022, 01:17

Drinking tea linked to reduced risk of type 2 diabetes: Study

The list of benefits of tea continues to grow. Diabetes prevention is also on that list.

18-09-2022, 20:36

Biden claims Covid is over in US

"The pandemic is over. We still have a problem with Covid. We're still doing a lot of work on it..., but the pandemic is over," Biden told CBS news

18-09-2022, 20:32

Winter onset may see spike in global COVID-19 cases: WHO

It is time to take required measures before it's too late, says spokesperson of World Health Organization

18-09-2022, 20:24