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Israeli air strikes take Gaza death toll to 24, including five children

Israeli bombardment continues on overcrowded residential areas. Meanwhile, Israel says bombing campaign in Gaza could last a week

6-08-2022, 23:34

UK boy dies in middle of court battle, after life support ends

Hollie Dance, mother of the child who made a number of appeals in British courts as well as the European Court of Human Rights, said that he “fought right until the very end”.

6-08-2022, 23:23

Five-year-old Palestinian girl killed in Israeli deadly strikes on Gaza

"This is unnecessary, unprovoked, reckless," said one of the witnesses

5-08-2022, 13:50

Jews in masses leaving France due to anti-Semitism

At least 1,659 anti-religious acts were recorded in 2021, including 589 targeting Jews, official data shows

1-08-2022, 23:41

Pope refers to abuse of indigenous people in Canada as 'genocide'

The leader of the 1.3 billion Catholics in the world described the treatment of children who were uprooted from their homes and cultures in order to attend state schools as "genocide" in a statement to the media upon his return home.

30-07-2022, 12:39

Lack of freedom and justice in the UAE

There are many facts and evidences in the UAE that show that justice and equality in this country are ignored and violated by the government.

28-07-2022, 19:40

Pope Francis heading to Canada to apologize for Church’s role in residential schools

5-day visit will see pope meet Indigenous survivors, families

24-07-2022, 10:38

As many as 25 million people victims of human trafficking worldwide

'The harm caused by this crime is vast,' says Secretary of State Antony Blinken

19-07-2022, 23:59

Greece protests to Ukraine, Serbia for not knowing about munitions on crashed plane

Ukrainian cargo plane crashed Saturday night near northern Greek city of Kavala, killing all eight crew members

19-07-2022, 00:00