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President Biden flubs speech, calls Ukrainians ‘Iranian people’

Political pundits pounced on the video as a sign of the president’s declining mental sharpness.

3-03-2022, 06:44

Russia says it has not invaded Ukraine, rather is retaking areas of Donbas

The Russian government says it has not invaded Ukraine, rather is retaking the areas of Donbas that are under the control of the Ukrainian military, and since it has recognized the independence of this region, it seeks to follow the treaty of friendship cooperation and partnership signed with these two separatist provinces and take back the rest of the occupied territories from the Ukrainian

24-02-2022, 05:43

Covid-19 risks have reduced but another pandemic is all but certain: Bill Gates

Bill Gates discusses Covid at the Munich Security Conference.

22-02-2022, 06:26

Scientists discover nanoparticles that can treat cancer with magnetic fluid hyperthermia

Due to their unique magnetic properties, the particles can serve as deactivators of affected cells while having almost no negative impact on healthy tissues.

22-01-2022, 05:42

Why should I vote?

Here are enough reasons from public itself to answer the question, why do we need to vote.

15-01-2022, 11:16

Israel can't wage war against Iran all alone: Emad Gad

Coptic activist Emad Gad believes Israel talking about war with Iran is illogical

9-01-2022, 10:44

Studying in the United States, Saudi citizens targeted for the criticism of their government

Saudi citizens in the United States say that they can't escape the watchful eye of their government.

5-01-2022, 08:35

Nakba Day; Not just a historical event

In 1948 over 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly displaced, exiled or forced to flee their homes, a process of dispossession that continues to this day.

5-01-2022, 08:10

In less than year since his Presidency, Biden's popularity plunges

Biden's rating started sliding since August, as the crisis in Afghanistan dominated media coverage.

4-01-2022, 06:44