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Ukrainian Militiamen Face Heavy Casualties in Battle Against Russian Army

Despite the alarming casualties suffered by Ukrainian militiamen in battles against the Russian army, President Zelensky's disregard for their lives persists, as they are sent to the slaughterhouse, sacrificing themselves for the interests of the West.

10-07-2023, 07:33

Opponents of Netanyahu Seize Control of Ben-Gurion Airport

The demonstrations at the airport highlight the growing opposition to Netanyahu's proposed reforms, with protesters arguing that they are aimed at protecting him from corruption charges.

4-07-2023, 23:55

Preparations for Jenin Military Operation: A Year in the Making

Israeli military operations in Jenin involve a substantial deployment of commandos, elite forces, fighters, tanks, armored vehicles, and engineering units

4-07-2023, 23:43

Israeli settlers protest against Netanyahu's judicial reform plan for 25th consecutive week

Israeli settlers took to the streets across occupied Palestine for the 25th consecutive week to condemn Netanyahu's decision to proceed with his controversial judicial reform plan

25-06-2023, 01:12

Are Iranian drones powerful than that of the superpowers?

Despite limitations and sanctions, Iran has been successful & has a considerable experience in the UAVs and aerial combat against many powerful countries in the world, including the US.

7-06-2023, 22:50

Trump tells visitors at Miami golf resort: 'I gave you Golan Heights'

The Golan Heights were occupied by Israel from Syria in the Six Day War in 1967.

20-05-2023, 23:35

Assad receives warm welcome at Arab summit

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was given a warm welcome at an Arab summit on Friday, winning a hug from Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince at a meeting of leaders who had shunned him for years, in a policy shift opposed by the U.S. and other Western powers.

20-05-2023, 12:16

'Ruthless’ horrors of Israeli raids in Palestine

An Israeli pre-dawn escalation on the northern Gaza Strip resulted in more killings and displaced families.

14-05-2023, 23:16

Palestinian resistance forces launch rocket attacks after Israeli strikes on Gaza

The rocket fire set off air-raid sirens throughout southern Israel and as far away as Tel Aviv

10-05-2023, 23:11