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Urgent action required on food security amid war

Price increase in natural gas led to surging fertilizer prices, says World Bank, IMF, WFP, WTO.

13-04-2022, 17:46

Biden has no plans to travel to Kyiv

Boris Johnson made a surprise visit to the capital of Kyiv.

11-04-2022, 16:24

Is Ukraine the starting point of the East-West World War?

What does it mean when we say that there is a World War between the West and the East?

10-04-2022, 00:19

31,000 civilians from Ukraine's besieged Mariupol forcibly taken to Russia: Mayor

Civilians subjected to various humiliations, harsh treatment, fingerprints taken, says Vadim Boychenko.

9-04-2022, 00:53

Ukraine says 40 victims of mass grave in Bucha are civilians

Russian forces 'regularly fired on civilians,' Kyiv police chief says.

9-04-2022, 00:47

US military presence in Ukraine could have deterred Putin, says top general

Deterring Putin from war in Ukraine by US would have required commitment of American military forces, says Mark Milley.

6-04-2022, 03:06

Ukraine war reaches space, Russia severed ties with NASA

In a tweet, Rogozin said a partnership is possible only with "unconditional lifting" of sanctions.

5-04-2022, 00:14

Russia denies 'fake' footage from Bucha, Ukraine

Moscow questions veracity of footage allegedly showing dead civilians in town near Kyiv, says it amounts to 'provocation'.

3-04-2022, 22:32

410 bodies found in town retaken from Russian troops, says Ukraine

Ukrainian official confirms deaths of 410 civilians in newly retaken town of Bucha near Kyiv.

3-04-2022, 22:30