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If you want victory for Ukraine, stop talking to press: Zelensky warns officials

War is definitely not the time for vanity and loud statements, Zelensky

11-08-2022, 23:26

Is Zelensky and the Ukrainian army involved in organized human and child trafficking?

The godfather of yesterday's comedy and today's president of Ukraine also has an American adopted son, whose name in Ukraine is linked to biological weapons, and "human trafficking."

9-08-2022, 01:11

UK politicians, journalists sanctioned by Russia

Moscow adds 39 more prominent Brits to its no-entry list

1-08-2022, 23:33

Russia halts gas supplies to Latvia

Company previously halts natural gas shipments to Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands for not receiving payments in rubles

30-07-2022, 12:16

Russian TV Presenter: Trump has to win the election, he is our guy

A propagandist in Kremlin has expressed his desire for Donald Trump to win the presidency again because he thinks that would lead to the resumption of communication between Moscow and Washington.

27-07-2022, 04:18

Russia to cut off gas supplies to Europe

Russian energy company Gazprom announced on Monday that gas supplies via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany would decrease to 33 million cubic metres per day from Wednesday

25-07-2022, 23:34

Ukraine begins to form convoys for resumption of grain exports

Preparations begin for ports to be operational again in line with deal signed in Istanbul, says Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

24-07-2022, 10:41

Greek tankers continue to transport Russian oil as war rages

More than 50% of Russian oil transported by Greek tankers, says Reporters United

22-07-2022, 23:02

Mercosur rejects Zelenky's request to speak at summit

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay,Uruguay, which make up trade bloc, fail to reach agreement on Zelenskyy’s request

20-07-2022, 23:29