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Putin: Formation of multipolar world 'irreversible'

Domination of one country or group of countries on global stage ‘dangerous,’ says Russian president

30-06-2022, 23:58

Amidst Ukraine war, Iran’s new president met with Vladimir Putin

Raisi and Putin met on the sidelines of the heads of states sixth summit of the Caspian Sea Littoral States.

29-06-2022, 22:10

Putin has become 'a terrorist,'says Zelensky, urges UN to expel Russia

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of becoming “a terrorist” and leading a “terrorist state”. He further urged Russia’s expulsion from the United Nations.

28-06-2022, 22:58

Putin accepts invitation to G20 summit in Indonesia

It has not been decided yet whether he will take part via video conference or attend event in-person, says president’s aide

27-06-2022, 23:48

Any NATO encroachment on Crimea could lead to WW3: Russia

Crimea is a part of Russia, says Medvedev

27-06-2022, 23:38

Two Russian missiles struck a crowded shopping mall, killing 16

Zelenskyy calls attack on Kremenchuk shopping mall ‘one of the most daring terrorist attacks in European history’.

27-06-2022, 21:36

G7 nations mulling 'price cap' on Russian oil to build pressure amid Ukraine war

G7 members eye curtailing price of Russian oil, Moscow's revenues while allowing more oil supply to reach global market.

26-06-2022, 22:47

G7 summit kicks off in Germany with Ukraine top on agenda

G7 leaders expected to make new commitments to food security, tackling rising energy prices.

26-06-2022, 22:44

EU official blames Russia for global food crisis

European Council President Charles Michel accuses Kremlin of using food as 'silent weapon of war'.

26-06-2022, 22:39