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Russia launches rocket attacks across Ukraine

Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues in Kharkiv.

25-06-2022, 12:58

Ukraine reconstruction, food security to dominate G7 agenda

Summit to be held under Germany’s leadership with goal of ‘progress towards an equitable world’.

25-06-2022, 12:52

Peace possible if Ukraine meets Moscow's conditions: Kremlin

Kremlin spokesman Peskov denies Kyiv's accusation of selling 'stolen grain' from Ukraine.

23-06-2022, 07:24

Russian Nobel medal sale raises $103.5m for Ukraine children

Journalist Dmitry Muratov, who won prize in 2021, will give the money to the UNICEF humanitarian response for the war in Ukraine.

20-06-2022, 23:33

EU: Global food crisis caused by Russia, not sanctions

Bloc's foreign policy chief says will write to all African foreign ministers to counter Russian 'propaganda'.

20-06-2022, 19:03

In order to avoid famine, ‘Russian colonization’ must end: Zelenskky

The time of empires is over, Zelenskyy tells Bureau of the Assembly of the African Union.

20-06-2022, 19:01

Russia has 'nothing against' Ukraine joining EU, says Vladimir Putin

Russia is currently invading Ukraine. Putin has in past expressed Russia's fierce opposition to Ukraine joining North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Such a scenario has been deemed a 'security threat' by Moscow.

17-06-2022, 18:35

Kremlin hopes European leaders will discuss more than just weapons during Kyiv visit

Zelensky welcomed the leaders who arrived in Kyiv on a train to show support to the war-torn nation

16-06-2022, 12:18

Russian, Belarusian players allowed to participate in 2022 US Open, under neutral flag

Organizers say they will allow all eligible players, regardless of nationality, to compete in Grand Slam.

14-06-2022, 23:59