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Russian, Belarusian players allowed to participate in 2022 US Open, under neutral flag

Organizers say they will allow all eligible players, regardless of nationality, to compete in Grand Slam.

14-06-2022, 23:59

UAE expected to steal UK's 'wealth hub crown' amid Russia-Ukraine war

Gulf country expected to attract net inflows of 4,000 millionaires, highest globally, as wealthy flee war, sanctions, says report.

14-06-2022, 23:57

Russia signals it may recognize interim Taliban administration

Moscow will not follow US, other countries in recognition of interim Taliban government, Russia’s special envoy for Afghanistan says.

14-06-2022, 23:54

War in Ukraine could last 2 years: Ex-PM Kasyanov

Kasyanov, Russia's prime minister from 2000 to 2004, said he expected the war could last up to two years but he was convinced Russia could return to a democratic path.

13-06-2022, 06:28

Ukrainian forces 'holding on' as fighting rages in Severodonetsk

Russia has repeatedly warned the West against getting involved, with some officials warning of the risk of nuclear war.

10-06-2022, 23:59

Ukraine looks to buy Iron Dome rocket interception system from Israel to fight off Russia

Iron Dome system intercepts and destroys short-range rockets fired on it. For around a decade, the United States has been supporting Iron Dome of Israel financially. It has provided around $1.6 billion for its production and maintenance, as per the Congressional Research Service.

8-06-2022, 00:07

Russia-Ukraine war crosses 100-day mark

At least 2 children killed a day since start of Russia's war on Ukraine, according to UN.

5-06-2022, 01:01

Blaming West for food and energy crises, Putin ‘guarantees’ peaceful exports from Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine are among the most important producers of agricultural commodities in the world. Both countries are net exporters of agricultural products.

4-06-2022, 00:08

Russia controls nearly 20% of Ukraine: Zelenskyy

If Russia prevails in its war in Ukraine "then the dark times will come for everyone” in Europe, Zelenskky

3-06-2022, 11:01