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Russian cosmonauts wear Ukrainian colors while boarding International Space Station

The crew said that their spacesuits were made in the colours of the Ukrainian flag because they had to use up spare yellow material.

20-03-2022, 05:05

Three Russians Blast Off To International Space Station Amid Ukraine War

In the years since Russia's 2014 annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea triggered a first wave of Western sanctions, space has proved an outlier of cooperation between Moscow and its American and European counterparts.

18-03-2022, 10:32

World's longest suspension bridge inaugurated In Turkey

Connecting Turkey's European and Asian shores, the 1915 Canakkale Bridge has the longest main span - the distance between the two towers - of any suspension bridge in the world.

18-03-2022, 10:15

Russian and Ukrainian weapons compete at Saudi defence show

Visitors to a defence show in Saudi Arabia were met with the surreal sight of seeing the latest Ukrainian and Russian military hardware.

6-03-2022, 07:22

Facebook bans Russia state media from running adverts, monetising

Move comes hours after Moscow said it was limiting access to Facebook amid fact-checking dispute and invasion of Ukraine.

26-02-2022, 03:56

Russia rejects Israel's demand to stop jamming GPS signals in Israeli airspace

Moscow says defense systems installed in Syria to protect its soldiers in region

1-02-2022, 09:40

How the FAA went to war against 5G

Here's a breakdown of all the steps that led to the clash between the aviation and wireless industries.

28-01-2022, 20:21

Israeli police under fire for alleged use of Pegasus spyware

Israeli lawmaker says she will question the police about their reported use of the NSO Group hacking tool on Israeli citizens.

23-01-2022, 06:01

UK based company plans to launch studio in space in 2024

SEE-1 to be 1st commercial space station, says Space Entertainment Enterprise.

22-01-2022, 05:54