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US lifts internet sanctions on Iran to boost riots

US Treasury relaxes sanctions on social media platforms, video conferencing and cloud services in Iran

24-09-2022, 01:51

James Webb telescope captures detailed image of Neptune and its delicate, dusty rings

Webb's unprecedented infrared imaging capabilities have helped provide a new glimpse into Neptune's atmosphere, said Mark McCaughrean, a senior advisor for science and exploration at the European Space Agency.

23-09-2022, 01:23

Russian cosmonaut, Valery Polyakov dies aged 80

Russian cosmonaut who broke record for the longest-ever trip to space has died aged 80.

19-09-2022, 19:45

This month Jupiter will have closest approach to Earth in 70 years

An opportunity to observe this gentle giant in clearest manner possible is just around the corner. This is because planet Jupiter is going to come closest to Earth in last 70 years

18-09-2022, 20:40

Australia discovers world's oldest heart dating back 380 million years

The fish specimens were kept in limestone concretions, and the study team, led by Professor Kate Trinajstic, scanned them using x-rays and neutron beams, according to a statement from Curtin University

16-09-2022, 22:28

Scientists in South Korea develop an 'artificial sun'

The artificial sun reached temperatures upward of 100 million degree Celsius for 30 seconds. The real sun hits temperatures of around 15 million degrees at its core.

13-09-2022, 07:31

Study: One of the brightest stars in the sky changed its color

Betelguese is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. The researchers scoured ancient records and found a mention of the star in 2000-year-old Chinese text

7-09-2022, 22:11

Something is making Oxygen on Mars

Mars surely does have an atmosphere. But it is very thin. It is 100 times thinner than Earth's atmosphere. And it is abundant in Carbon Dioxide. So a human trying to breathe-in Martian air would soon stop breathing

1-09-2022, 23:37

James Webb takes direct image of planet outside our solar system

The exoplanet is about six to 12 times the mass of Jupiter, and NASA said that these observations could help narrow that down even further

1-09-2022, 23:31