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Humanoid robot developed that can dive underwater to explore shipwrecks

The robot has two eyes for stereoscopic vision, and with its nimble arms and hands, it can manoeuvre through difficult marine environments while providing realistic feedback to the operator

31-07-2022, 03:08

Chinese rocket debris crashes into Indian Ocean

In 2020, fragments of China's another Long March 5B had crashed in Ivory Coast destroying buildings although no casualties were reported.

30-07-2022, 22:37

Rare metamorphic diamonds discovered could reveal early history of Australia

Diamonds that have undergone metamorphism only occasionally develop in very specific locations.

30-07-2022, 12:36

China launches first solid propellant rocket into space

30-meter ZK-1A rocket dubbed 'one arrow, six stars' as it carries 6 satellites into space, including cutting-edge satellite

28-07-2022, 00:00

Bio-weapons can now use DNA to kill a specific person

Ernst forewarned that specific animals relied upon by civilians, armies, or towns could be the target of biological weapons, resulting in scarcity and food poverty and weakening populations.

24-07-2022, 10:22

Bullet train to Mars? Yes, the research is going on in Japan

Space agencies and even billionaires like Elon Musk are working towards making human colonies on Mars and Moon but if a Japanese concept is implemented perfectly, we can possibly hop on to a bullet train and travel to Moon or Mars

21-07-2022, 23:43

Scientists develop microrobots that surround a cancer cell and kill it

Scientists used an E.coli bacteria and attached magnetic nanoparticles as well as liposomes containing cancer medication on it to fight the cancer cells

19-07-2022, 05:25

Amazon to start drone deliveries in California, Texas

Company has partnered with Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas

16-07-2022, 23:05

Ex-CIA engineer convicted of carrying out largest data leak in agency's history

Joshua Schulte, 33 convicted of 8 espionage charges, obstruction charge

14-07-2022, 19:55