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Can Venus sustain life? NASA to study the planet's atmosphere

The Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry, and Imaging mission (DAVINCI) will be launched in 2029 and will determine whether the planet can be suitable for humans.

6-06-2022, 23:24

North Korea conducts ballistic missile test

The South Korean military believes that North Korea has launched at least one ballistic missile off its east coast on Sunday.

4-06-2022, 22:19

Scientists discover mysterious radio waves about 1,300 light-years away from Earth

The team traced the strange pulse to the distant Cela-X 1 region of the Milky Way. It lasted for around 300 milliseconds. They think it’s a new type of radio-emitting galactic neutron star.

4-06-2022, 22:08

Do you know car tyres produce more particle pollution than exhausts?

We all know tyres wear down, but have you ever considered where all those particles go?

4-06-2022, 22:02

Elon Musk’s Tesla hired PR firm to monitor employees on Facebook: Report

The PR firm monitored the social media platform when some workers were trying to form a union at Tesla's Fermont factory.

4-06-2022, 00:04

Google accused of hostile and casteist workplace practices: Report

A talk by Dalit rights activist based in the US was cancelled after a few Google employees began spreading misinformation calling her 'Hindu-phobic' and 'anti-Hindu'.

2-06-2022, 22:07

Alien civilisations could attack or invade Earth: Researcher

The estimation is based on the "world's history of invasions in the last century, military capabilities of the countries involved, and the global growth rate of energy consumption"

31-05-2022, 18:55

Russia test-fires Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile capable of hitting target at 1,000 km

Putin has described the missiles as a family of new "invincible" arms in Russia's arsenal.

28-05-2022, 20:07

Ancient Mayan city discovered at construction site in Mexico

As per the report, burial grounds of adults and children have been located nearby. Marine life were also discovered in the area.

28-05-2022, 19:57