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Decline of the American power in the view of American thinkers

Before his death in 2012, Zbigniew Brzeziński,, the National Security Advisor of Jimmy Carter, gave a controversial interview to Euronews. The distinguishing feature of this interview was his emphasis on the end of American hegemony and the unipolar world.

15-10-2022, 22:30

11 killed, 15 injured in attack on military training ground in Russia

Gunmen open fire on volunteer soldiers at a Russian military training ground in Belgorod, killing 11 and wounding 15 others.

15-10-2022, 22:00

Bin Salman will bankrupt Saudi Arabia in the swamp of Neom

The desire to leave his mark on Arab history drives Mohammed bin Salman’s eye-watering plans to reinvent the world’s top fossil-fuel economy. But if the megalomaniac gamble fails, the fate of the Shah of Iran could await

12-10-2022, 13:39

Hidden poor people of oil wealth nation

With its vast oil wealth, Saudi Arabia has one of the highest concentrations of super rich households in the world. But an estimated 20 percent of the population, if not more, lives in crippling poverty.

12-10-2022, 13:10

Zelensky: Russia ‘trying to draw Belarus into war

Putin looking for "room for escalation" and is in the final days of his reign, claims Zelensky

11-10-2022, 09:46

Two men shot outside Republican leader Lee Zeldin's home

New York congressman Lee Zeldin said his family is safe after two strangers were shot outside his Long Island home.

9-10-2022, 20:25

Where are Saudi-American relations heading to?

The United States' relationship with Saudi Arabia has been in a downward spiral.

8-10-2022, 05:20

Two dead, six injured in serial stabbings in Las Vegas

The suspect, has been described as a man in his early 30s

7-10-2022, 00:29

End of ceasefire in Yemen: Saudi oil facilities yet under threat!

As the Yemen ceasefire ends, Houthi spokesman urges oil companies to leave UAE, Saudi Arabia

6-10-2022, 02:47