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Paint poured on Charles Ray sculpture in Paris

Environmentalist group Derniere Renovation calls for strong action from governments against climate change

18-11-2022, 22:07

Warhol car on display in Italy, covered in flour, Here's why

Climate activists of ''Ultima Generazione (Last Generation)" threw flour on Andy Warhol's work, in Milan, Italy.

18-11-2022, 20:24

Poland's missile attack triggers dispute between Ukraine, Western allies

Ukraine's president insists on blaming Russia for explosions while NATO, Poland and US say missile 'likely' fired by Ukrainian air defense system

16-11-2022, 21:29

Trump announces he will run to become US president again in 2024

He delivered the address to an audience of several hundred supporters, club members and gathered press in a ballroom at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida - flanked by American flags and banners that read: "Make America Great Again!".

15-11-2022, 22:22

Missile hits Poland, killing two; Biden says it is unlikely to have been fired from Russia

The missile had sparked worried talk of NATO's Article 5, which means that an attack on a member country is seen as an attack on all allies.

15-11-2022, 22:08

FBI: China has stolen more US data than any other country

China could use platforms like TikTok 'to control data collection on millions of users,' says FBI Director Christopher Wray

15-11-2022, 21:57

China does not intend to challenge US: Xi Jinping

Beijing does not want to change existing international order or interfere in America’s internal affairs, says president

14-11-2022, 20:05

Bahrainis boycott sham elections

Al-Khalifa regime, which by massively suppresses the opposition, intends to present a democratic and reformist face to the world by holding general elections.

13-11-2022, 23:26

Slovenia elects Natasa Pirc Musar as first woman president

Lawyer and former TV presenter wins 53.98% of vote in runoff

13-11-2022, 21:18