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Operation Al-Aqsa Storm: Impact on Israeli Economy

This article discusses the economic impact of the Operation Al-Aqsa Storm on Israel, including the decline in tourism, stock market performance, potential credit downgrade, and the risk of recession.

11-11-2023, 20:02

'No possibility' of cease-fire in Gaza: Biden

'None. No possibility,' US president responds when asked about cease-fire chances

9-11-2023, 19:07

Resistance Stands Firm on Prisoner Exchange as Gaza Conflict Continues

The leaders of the resistance in Gaza insist on a prisoner exchange as a condition for a ceasefire, demanding the release of Palestinian prisoners and emphasizing the need for verification of foreign captives' affiliations with the Israeli army or police.

9-11-2023, 06:59

7.1-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Indonesia's Banda Sea

Despite the intensity, the absence of a tsunami threat provided relief to residents, who are accustomed to seismic activity in the region.

8-11-2023, 08:11

Former US Diplomat Urges to Halt Weapon Supply to Israel

A former US diplomat and army colonel joins a massive rally in Türkiye, calling for an end to US support for Israel amidst the ongoing conflict.

7-11-2023, 03:51

G-7 Summit in Tokyo: A Crucial Discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Top diplomats from G-7 nations gather in Tokyo amidst escalating tensions in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, marking their first in-person meeting since the conflict’s inception.

7-11-2023, 03:19

Lebanon to File Urgent Complaint Against Israel at UN Security Council

Lebanese Prime Minister Condemns Israel’s Targeting of Civilians and Children in Southern Lebanon

5-11-2023, 23:14

Canary Islands Shatter Annual Migrant Arrival Record with 32,000 Sea Crossings

A surge of nearly 1,000 migrants this weekend has propelled the Canary Islands to break their previous record, with over 32,000 migrants arriving in 2023.

5-11-2023, 22:28