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All you need to know about Easter

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian religion.

17-04-2022, 16:39

Trump along with his allies committed crimes: Former Army Prosecutor

Trump and a number of his allies have openly discussed their efforts to overturn the 2020 election results, claiming that Biden won due to widespread voter fraud.

17-04-2022, 16:13

Moscow imposes sanctions on 13 top British officials, including Boris Johnson

Russia bans prime minister, foreign secretary, defense minister, others from entering Russia.

17-04-2022, 04:36

Ship with 750 tonnes of diesel sinks off Tunisia’s coast

Vessel, headed from Egypt to Malta, had requested entry to Tunisian waters on Friday evening due to bad weather.

16-04-2022, 16:30

Russia targets military factory in Kyiv

The development has come after a day after Russia bombed missile unit outside Kyiv.

16-04-2022, 03:39

Biden to nominate Michael Barr as Fed's top regulator for banks

At Treasury Department, Barr played roles in consumer protection, financial services reform.

16-04-2022, 02:49

Saudi's million dollar expenditure against Hezbollah in the 2022 Lebanese Elections

Hezbollah's opponents in the Lebanese parliamentary elections seem to have come to the conclusion that they must take part in the elections simply to maintain their power.

14-04-2022, 18:26

French presidential candidate wants closer links between NATO, Russia

Le Pen says she will withdraw France from integrated command of NATO after coming to power.

13-04-2022, 18:20

In a tit for tat move, Russia ‘blacklists’ 398 members of US Congress

Russia also sanctioned 87 Canadian senators, expelled Czech diplomat, says Foreign Ministry.

13-04-2022, 18:17