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The Only Man to Survive TWO Nuclear Bombs

In the annals of history, a man named Tsutomu Yamaguchi stands alone, an unprecedented survivor of two catastrophic nuclear bombings that reshaped humanity's fate.

26-08-2023, 11:37

Shifting Sands: Saudi Arabia, UAE Rise as America's Influence in the Region Wanes

Changing Dynamics: Saudi Arabia and UAE Rise Amid Decline of American Influence

26-08-2023, 04:16

F-16 Fighters Ineffective for Ukraine, Risk Being Downed Within a Month, Warns Former US Intelligence Officer

Ex-US Intelligence Officer's Dire Prediction: F-16 Fighters Vulnerable in Ukraine, Could Face Defeat Within a Month

26-08-2023, 04:06

Iran-Russia Ground Forces Strengthen Bilateral Defense Ties Amid High-Level Talks in Moscow

Iran-Russia Ground Forces Delegation Enhance Bilateral Defense Cooperation in Moscow Talks

26-08-2023, 04:02

Niger's Military Administration Targets French Ambassador for Expulsion, Sparks Diplomatic Tensions

Diplomatic Stir: Niger's Military Orders French Ambassador's Departure, Ignites Controversy

26-08-2023, 03:57

The Dual Consequences of Sanctions: Impact on Rival Economies and Domestic Realities

Analyzing the Complex Ramifications of Sanctions on Global Economies and National Interests

26-08-2023, 00:22

Swedish Prime Minister Commends Denmark's Move to Criminalize Religious Scripture Desecration

Swedish Prime Minister Applauds Denmark's Step Against Religious Scripture Desecration

25-08-2023, 23:36

Recovery Efforts Complete: Bodies of All 10 Plane Crash Victims Found in Russia's Tver Region

All 10 Plane Crash Victims Retrieved in Russia's Tver Region

25-08-2023, 23:31

US Urges UN Security Council Condemnation of North Korea's Ballistic Missile Satellite Launch

US Calls for UN Security Council Action Against North Korea's Missile Satellite Launch

25-08-2023, 23:28