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Slovenia elects Natasa Pirc Musar as first woman president

Lawyer and former TV presenter wins 53.98% of vote in runoff

13-11-2022, 21:18

Trump handled 'classified' documents after leaving office

An eight-page filing regarding the same was submitted by the justice department on Saturday to Raymond Dearie.

13-11-2022, 21:16

Man behind Istanbul blast arrested: Turkish Interior Minister

Pieces of evidence show PKK/YPG terrorist group behind attack, says Suleyman Soylu

13-11-2022, 21:12

Three Americans die of carbon monoxide poisoning in Mexico

They were staying at a rental in a residential complex in La Rosita when they were found dead on October 30. All were in town for the Day of the Dead festivities.

10-11-2022, 23:03

Macron announces end of West African counterterrorism mission

Military support for African countries will continue but under new principles, French president says

9-11-2022, 22:59

Post elections Biden says he is ready to work with Republicans

'It was a good day, I think, for democracy,' Biden says of Tuesday's elections

9-11-2022, 22:39

Midterm elections: Dr. Oz casts vote in Pennsylvania Senate race

'We want less radicalism, and more balance. So, I encourage everyone to vote,' says Republican celebrity doctor candidate

8-11-2022, 21:34

Chance of Republicans on House up to 74%

Republicans lay claim to 158 House seats, Democrats have 98 in US midterms

8-11-2022, 21:23

Trump says he will make 'very big announcement' on November 15

At almost every election rally ahead of the midterms, Trump has dropped hints that he is gearing up to contest for the top job again.

7-11-2022, 21:55