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Major Hurricane Roslyn nears Mexico's Pacific coast

Communities along the west coast of Mexico prepare for Hurricane Roslyn, a major Category 4 storm, as US National Hurricane Center warns of potentially damaging winds, dangerous storm surge and flash flooding.

23-10-2022, 19:51

Boris Johnson announces dropping out of PM contest

Johnson's decision makes his rival Rishi Sunak almost certain to be the nation's next prime minister.

23-10-2022, 19:45

Brazil’s president denounces ex-lawmaker for opening fire on police

2 officers were wounded as Roberto Jefferson engaged in firefight while resisting arrest

23-10-2022, 19:42

Rishi Sunak takes an early lead in PM race with backing of over 100 MPs

According to reports, if his opponents fail to secure this minimum 100-vote nomination Sunak will automatically become the party leader as well as the next UK PM.

22-10-2022, 01:53

Europe making efforts to manage energy crisis before winter

Student dormitories to lower temperature in German city, French energy crisis adds to Macron's plummeting popularity

21-10-2022, 23:51

Pakistan gets off FATF's ‘grey list’ after 4 years

South Asian nation was included on the list in June 2018 for deficiencies in curbing money laundering and terror financing

21-10-2022, 23:45

Decline of the American power in the view of American thinkers

Before his death in 2012, Zbigniew Brzeziński,, the National Security Advisor of Jimmy Carter, gave a controversial interview to Euronews. The distinguishing feature of this interview was his emphasis on the end of American hegemony and the unipolar world.

15-10-2022, 22:30

11 killed, 15 injured in attack on military training ground in Russia

Gunmen open fire on volunteer soldiers at a Russian military training ground in Belgorod, killing 11 and wounding 15 others.

15-10-2022, 22:00

Bin Salman will bankrupt Saudi Arabia in the swamp of Neom

The desire to leave his mark on Arab history drives Mohammed bin Salman’s eye-watering plans to reinvent the world’s top fossil-fuel economy. But if the megalomaniac gamble fails, the fate of the Shah of Iran could await

12-10-2022, 13:39