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Japan bans exports of luxury goods to Russia

New regulation covering luxury cars, jewelry, artworks part of sanctions over Ukraine war, to take effect on April 5.

29-03-2022, 01:42

Biden requests $813B for national defense

$773 billion in discretionary Pentagon spending represents 10% hike from levels enacted in 2021 fiscal year.

29-03-2022, 01:39

Germany to cut its addiction on Russian energy

German economy minister describes move as 'first important milestones to free Germany from grip of Russian imports'.

27-03-2022, 10:13

What sanctions are being imposed on Russia over Ukraine invasion?

Sanctions have led to higher prices for Russian households and shortages of some goods.

24-03-2022, 19:49

Renault suspends its activities in Moscow

Move comes after Ukrainian president called on French companies to leave Russia and stop sponsoring war.

24-03-2022, 00:33

Saudi Arabia calls for help to tackle Houthi attacks

Houthi attacks could disrupt energy supplies, warns Saudi.

21-03-2022, 08:24

Hong Kong to lift ban on flights from April 1

Chief Executive Carrie Lam says gradual reopening to begin next month as mass testing plan shelved, businesses to resume April 21.

21-03-2022, 02:46

As economic crisis worsens in Sri Lanka, two men die waiting in fuel queue

The men, in their 70s, died while they were waiting for petrol and kerosene oil in two different parts of the country, said a police spokesperson in commercial capital Colombo.

20-03-2022, 04:42

Moscow sanctions challenge euro area growth: Fitch

‘Energy market main macroeconomic transmission channel via higher prices,’ rating agency says.

19-03-2022, 23:33