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Meta to halt funding Australian news, sparking criticism

- Yesterday, 06:49
The government and media have criticized Facebook parent company Meta for stating that it will no longer enter into deals to pay news publishers in Australia.

First Interest Rate Decisions of 2024 Revealed by Major Central Banks

Fed likely to start interest rate cuts in May meeting, whereas UK, Asian central banks leave rates unchanged

3-02-2024, 10:37

PayPal Announces a 9% Reduction in Global Workforce

Job cuts to allow company to drive profitable growth, says CEO

31-01-2024, 03:49

How Mohammed bin Salman Burdened Saudi Arabia of Heavy Loans and Debts

Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, persists in his unsuccessful foreign investments, squandering tens of billions of dollars thus far. These endeavors are aimed at alleviating the burden of Saudi Arabia's hefty debts and loans.

26-01-2024, 02:57

Escalating Middle East Tensions Propel Oil Prices Higher

Yemen's Houthi Rebels Declare Plans to Continue Military Operations Against Israel and Block Israeli Ship Passage in the Red Sea

17-01-2024, 20:53

Monday Opening Sees Mixed Performance in US Stocks Despite Nasdaq Rebound

Crude Oil Prices Experience a Approximately 4% Decline

8-01-2024, 21:40

Fitch Ratings: North American Sectors Face Deteriorating Outlook Amid Economic Slowdown and Challenges

Fitch Ratings warns of a deteriorating outlook for North American sectors, citing factors such as slowing economic growth, rising unemployment, and stringent financial conditions

6-01-2024, 21:47