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French oil firm TotalEnergies completely withdraws from Myanmar

Energy conglomerate ceases operations in country in line with its January decision, citing deteriorating human rights situation

24-07-2022, 22:51

Ukraine begins to form convoys for resumption of grain exports

Preparations begin for ports to be operational again in line with deal signed in Istanbul, says Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority

24-07-2022, 10:41

Greek tankers continue to transport Russian oil as war rages

More than 50% of Russian oil transported by Greek tankers, says Reporters United

22-07-2022, 23:02

Asian stock markets up as global recession fears ease

Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 stock exchange soars 718.58 points

20-07-2022, 23:36

Germany's producer prices up 32.7% in June

Energy prices still main reason for high inflation, official statement says

19-07-2022, 23:49

Oil up as cheap dollar boosts investor sentiment

Supply concerns also help price upticks with OPEC and International Energy Agency warning last week of supply shortages

18-07-2022, 23:56

Biden fails to secure oil commitments at Arab Summit

Biden’s visit to West Asia was primarily aimed at asking the oil-rich Gulf leaders to keep pumping more oil, which would drive gas prices down back in the US

16-07-2022, 22:49

Islamic tourism against Saudi terrorism, two gifts of two different kinds

The pilgrimage industry is Saudi Arabia's second most important after oil and gas

15-07-2022, 13:21