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Sar Agha Seyed: A village with unique architecture

Sar-Agha-Seyed: A remote village with roof houses, a holy shrine, and a salt pool. Isolated but proud.

14-06-2023, 00:32

Strange locations around the world!

The world is full of amazing and mysterious places that defy our expectations and imagination. Some of these places are natural wonders, while others are man-made disasters. Here are some examples of strange locations around the world that you may not have heard of.

12-06-2023, 10:53

Snowdrop Actress Park Soo Ryun Dies at 29 After Tragic Fall

Korean actress Park Soo Ryun, who was last seen in the hit television series 'Snowdrop'

12-06-2023, 10:15

The science behind earworms

An earworm is a song that gets stuck in your head and won't leave. Scientists have studied why this happens.

10-06-2023, 02:10

Joaquin Phoenix shines in first look as Emperor in Ridley Scott film

Ridley Scott's upcoming historical drama Napoleon explores the French emperor's rise to power and his intense relationship with Empress Joséphine

6-06-2023, 06:54

Why people are so crazy about K-pop music?

Catchy hooks, groovy rhythm, captivating beats, highly choreographed dance routines are just a few to name why K-pop music has fans globally

3-06-2023, 19:32

Dwayne Johnson to return in Fast and Furious standalone film

Dwayne Johnson has confirmed his comeback as Luke Hobbs in an upcoming Fast and Furious spinoff movie that will focus on the beloved character.

1-06-2023, 20:28

Martin Scorsese set to direct another Jesus film after meeting Pope Francis

Director Martin Scorsese is all set to make a new movie on Jesus

29-05-2023, 23:38