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Kate Moss fled a shoot in tears after being asked to take her bra off

In a candid conversation, supermodel Kate Moss revealed that she was targeted by sexual predators when she was a teen.

24-07-2022, 22:47

Rumors: Musk had affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin's wife

The Tesla chief had allegedly linked up with Brin's wife Nicole Shanahan after breaking up with his former girlfriend Grimes

24-07-2022, 22:33

DC releases 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods' trailer

The much-awaited trailer of 'Shazam! Fury of the Gods' dropped on YouTube on Sunday.

24-07-2022, 10:29

Amber Heard appeals $10 mn Johnny Depp’s defamation verdict

Amber Heard filed an appeal in the Fairfax county circuit court through her lawyers stating that she means to appeal the ruling, and also rulings made after the verdict, in which judge rejected her request for a fresh trial.

21-07-2022, 23:47

Chrissy Teigen celebrates one year of sobriety

Teigen admitted she sometimes misses "feeling loopy and carefree" but acknowledged that drinking just didn t give her "that fun feeling" toward the end.

19-07-2022, 05:28

Is the Golden Age of Television over?

TV has enjoyed this reputation for more than two decades now, but not it appears cracks are showing the edifice. Earlier this year, it was revealed that for the first time in a decade Netflix lost subscribers instead of gaining them.

16-07-2022, 23:59

‘Miss you every damn day’: ‘Glee’ co-stars pay tribute to Naya Rivera on her second death anniversary

Naya Rivera drowned in the Lake Piru reservoir in Southern California on July 8th, 2020. To mark her second death anniversary, her 'Glee' co-stars took to social media to pay their tributes.

10-07-2022, 12:47

Rachel Brosnahan reacts to mass shooting in her hometown Highland Park, says 'enough is enough'

As many as six people were killed and 24 were hospitalised in a shooting at the US Independence Day Parade route in north suburban Highland Park, Illinois, leaving several of the parade attendees injured and in serious condition.

5-07-2022, 18:54

Joe Turkel, ghostly bartender in 'The Shining', dies at 94

Born to Polish-Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn, New York, Joe Turkel was a veteran of World War II as a US Army soldier. He made his film debut in 1949's Maxwell Shane directorial noir crime film titled 'City Across the River'.

2-07-2022, 08:09