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Kanye West goes on a 'verbal fast' for 30 days

Kanye West has had a controversial month after his anti semitic remarks did not go down well with the brands he’s associated with.

3-11-2022, 23:59

Pope Francis calls for an to end human rights violations during his visit to Bahrain

Pope during his address also referred to Bahrain's constitution and talked about the importance of putting commitments into practice so that religious freedom is completed and “not limited to freedom of worship”

3-11-2022, 23:58

Twitter set to begin mass layoffs, staff to know employment status via email

“If your employment is not impacted, you will receive a notification via your Twitter email.” On the other hand, “If your employment is impacted, you will receive a notification with next steps via your personal email.”

3-11-2022, 23:54

UN extends peacekeeping mission in Bosnia

15 Security Council members approve European Union Peacekeeping Force to maintaining peace and stability

3-11-2022, 23:51

Amazon halts corporate hiring amid 'uncertainty' in US economy

Executive says pause to stay in place for few months as firm monitors American economy

3-11-2022, 23:49

Barcelona defender Pique to retire after weekend match

35-year-old player, who won 30 trophies with Barcelona, set to play his last club game on Saturday

3-11-2022, 23:46

West Ham dominate Europa Conference League group

Hammers beat FCSB 3-0 to win Group B with 18 points

3-11-2022, 23:43

West making efforts to destabilize other countries, says Russia

Russian Security Council secretary says West destabilizes global situation to preserve its dominance

3-11-2022, 23:41

UK has 'no plans' to move its embassy to Jerusalem

Idea had been 'looked at' but such move will not happen, says Number 10

3-11-2022, 23:37