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Russia claims 14 killed in Ukraine strike on hospital

- 28-01-2023, 12:53
A Ukrainian official said that three people were killed and at least two others wounded following a Russian strike on the city of Konstantynivka in eastern Ukraine

Russia says Sukhoi fighter 'escorted' German plane nearing border

A Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter escorted a German spy aircraft over the Baltic sea after the latter attempted to breach Russian borders.

16-01-2023, 21:57

Ukraine cargo ship runs aground in Bosphorus Strait

Around 48,000 ships pass through the strait annually, carrying 55 million tonnes of oil and large quantities of Ukrainian and Russian grain.

16-01-2023, 21:35

Russia: British tanks to Ukraine aim to 'protract conflict'

Embassy says Challenger 2 tanks will not help Ukraine change situation in battle zone, only lead to new victims

14-01-2023, 12:37

Five additional classified documents found at Biden’s home in Delaware

3rd batch of documents found at Biden's residence in city of Wilmington, immediately handed over to Justice Department

14-01-2023, 12:24

Pakistanis risk their lives by using plastic bags filled with natural gas

Locals in Karak, northwest Pakistan fill plastic bags with gas like helium balloons and then use the gas in their homes to cook food

14-01-2023, 12:22

German police clash with anti-coal activists in Lutzerath

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg slams 'outrageous' police violence against protesters

14-01-2023, 12:19

Turkish cluster bombs in Ukraine!

The Foreign Policy, citing current and former US and European Union officials, reported that Turkey has sent US-made "cluster bombs" to Ukraine since November 2022.

11-01-2023, 01:58

UK failed to keep its promise to evacuate Afghans from Kabul to London

Those who risked their lives helping British government face a ‘toxic combination of incompetence and indifference’

11-01-2023, 01:41

Explosion in Israeli army base

The Hebrew media, without mentioning details, reported that a heavy explosion occurred in an Israeli army base in the north of the West Bank

10-01-2023, 01:41