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Decoding the Involvement of the UAE in the Gaza War

- Yesterday, 22:21
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) actively participated in Israel's brutal crimes against Gaza. Mohammed Al-Bakhiti, a member of the Houthi political office, revealed this information, citing credible sources and shedding light on the UAE's alleged direct involvement in the bombing of Palestinians in

King Charles to Spearhead Global Climate Action at COP28 in Dubai

Buckingham Palace has confirmed that King Charles is set to play a pivotal role at the 28th Session of the Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) in Dubai.

30-11-2023, 11:17

Genocide in Gaza ignites Global Concerns

Unraveling the Genocide in Gaza and the Chilling Advocacy for "Apocalyptic Weapons"

29-11-2023, 18:59

Freed Israeli Woman Thanks Qassam Brigades

Freed Israeli captive expresses heartfelt gratitude to Al-Qassam Brigades in Gaza for their kindness during her captivity, particularly praising their caring treatment of her daughter.

29-11-2023, 08:24

Saudi Arabia Sanctions: From Blockades to Promoting Israeli Goods

The intricate web of Saudi Arabia's foreign policies, ranging from the blockade of Qatar and the embargo on Lebanon and Turkey to the controversial promotion of Israeli products.

27-11-2023, 06:06

Saudi Children face executions, torture, and long-term imprisonment

The European Saudi Organization for Human Rights has exposed the Saudi authorities for their infringement of the rights of Saudi children. This includes carrying out executions, subjecting them to torture, and imprisoning them for decades.

26-11-2023, 02:18

Meth-Influenced Passenger's Attempt to Open Plane Door Sparks Emergency in Pacific Flight

A 26-year-old passenger, allegedly high on meth, triggered panic during a Korean Air flight over the Pacific Ocean by attempting to open the emergency door.

25-11-2023, 10:24

Outcry Across Italy as University Student's Murder Sparks National Protest Against Gender Violence

Giulia Cecchettin's Tragic Death Highlights Disturbing Statistics of Women's Killings in the Country

25-11-2023, 10:06

Netanyahu's Downfall begins with Hamas attack; 56% reject him

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's downfall looms amidst the ongoing Gaza conflict, he faces mounting criticism and increasing calls for his dismissal.

23-11-2023, 20:35

Houthis Surprise Landing on Israeli Cargo Ship Galaxy Leader in Red Sea

Houthis take control of an Israeli ship in the Red Sea amid regional tensions

23-11-2023, 19:01