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Gaza Death Toll Surpasses 33,500 Amid Ongoing Israeli Attacks

- 11-04-2024, 19:18
Amidst ongoing Israeli assaults, Gaza faces staggering casualties and a dire humanitarian crisis, as international efforts struggle to provide aid and alleviate suffering.

Eyewitnesses: Al-Shifa Hospital Transformed Into 'Death Complex' by Israel After 14 Days

Israeli Army's Two-Week Raid Leaves Medical Staff, Patients, and Displaced People Trapped Inside Hospital

1-04-2024, 22:14

Children in Gaza suffer horrors of hunger, slaughter and the world watching: UNICEF

Children witness the atrocities of hunger and war, but despite this live broadcast of events, there is still no truce. While everyone is looking, nothing changes. James Elder, spokesman for UNICEF

1-04-2024, 15:30

UN's Chief on Genocide Urges End of Sufferings for Gaza Residents

Alice Wairimu Nderitu emphasizes the need to hold accountable those who obstruct humanitarian aid and engage in hate speech, dehumanizing language, and incitement.

28-03-2024, 22:47

UN Rapporteur: Israel Committing "Unprecedented Set of War Crimes" in Gaza, Possible Genocide

Francesca Albanese remains committed to her work and the results despite receiving numerous threats.

27-03-2024, 23:59

UN Envoy: No Justification for Subjecting Palestinians to Collective Punishment

Tor Wennesland Expresses Deep Concern Over Potential Displacement of Over 1 Million People in Rafah Due to Israel's Planned Ground Operation

26-03-2024, 23:56

Israel's Siege on Gaza Pushes Population to the Brink of Starvation

Refugee Agency: Israel Blocks UN Food Convoys to Northern Gaza

24-03-2024, 22:55

UN Women Chief Urges Immediate Cease-Fire for Women in Gaza

Sima Bahous: Women in Gaza Struggle with Lack of Water, Food, Shelter, and Sanitation

24-03-2024, 22:51

Israeli Forces Shell Aid-Seeking Palestinians in Gaza, Resulting in 19 Fatalities

Israeli forces unleashed a barrage of shelling upon Palestinians awaiting humanitarian aid in Gaza, resulting in the tragic loss of 19 lives. An additional 23 individuals sustained injuries in the onslaught, as the Israeli army opened fire on hungry civilians desperately seeking assistance.

23-03-2024, 23:36

Israel Blocks Aid Delivery to Northern Gaza for Second Time in a Week

The UN has decried this blockade, labeling it as a man-made crisis exacerbating hunger and the looming threat of famine.

23-03-2024, 23:26