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UNRWA Chief Urges Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza Amidst Ongoing Attacks

- 18-11-2023, 19:13
UNRWA head Philippe Lazzarini calls for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, expressing deep concern over casualties from Israeli attacks on schools, including the recent bombardment of the Al-Fakhoura school.

Palestinian Residential Area Under Attack

Reports of a devastating Israeli attack on a residential area in the Gaza Strip, resulting in significant Palestinian casualties.

4-11-2023, 22:13

UN Reiterates Call to Keep Hospitals Out of Combat Zones

The UN underscores the need for strict adherence to international law, particularly the safeguarding of hospitals during combat, in response to reports of an Israeli airstrike on Al-Shifa Hospital's main entrance in Gaza City.

3-11-2023, 22:56

UNRWA Chief's Visit to Gaza: Labels Current Situation as 'Unprecedented

Philippe Lazzarini says 70 UNRWA staff have been killed in Gaza since Oct. 7

1-11-2023, 23:08

Israel Dropped 18,000 Tons of Bombs on Gaza, Exceeding Bombs Dropped on Hiroshima

The Israeli army massacred 908 families, causing the death of thousands of people,’ says Salama Marouf, head of government's media office

1-11-2023, 04:23

Doctors Without Borders Expresses Shock and Condemnation Over Israeli Airstrike on Jabalia Refugee Camp in Gaza

The airstrike resulted in a high number of casualties, with many women and children affected.

31-10-2023, 23:32

Information Blackout: Internet, Phone Network Cut In Gaza

Discover the truth behind the Internet shutdown in Israel through this compelling video.

30-10-2023, 00:21

Under Fire: The Plight of Gaza’s Cancer Patients Amid Israeli Airstrikes

The Israeli airstrikes on Gaza’s only cancer hospital, the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, increases the suffering of cancer patients and potential risks to their lives.

29-10-2023, 23:57

Shifting Sands: U.S. Opposition to Israeli Ground Assault on Gaza

This article explores the U.S.'s opposition to a potential Israeli ground assault on Gaza, attributing it to changing global dynamics, the decreasing importance of oil, and the U.S.'s policy of decentralization from West Asia.

29-10-2023, 22:22