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James Webb Telescope shares first ever image of birth of a star

The protostar is located in the Taurus molecular cloud, home to hundreds of nearly formed stars, which is around 430 light years from Earth

19-11-2022, 22:28

Rishi Sunak announces new air defense package for Ukraine

Package includes 125 anti-aircraft guns and technology to counter Iranian-supplied drones, says official statement

19-11-2022, 22:17

Thigh injury becomes obstacle for Benzema to attend World Cup

Karim Benzema needs 3 weeks to recover, says French football body

19-11-2022, 22:11

COP27 continues to disagree on phase-down of fossil fuels

Developing countries see calls for reducing use of coal while neglecting gas and oil "unfair", sources say

19-11-2022, 22:08