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Tesla recalls nearly 67,700 vehicles in China due to software issues

- 26-11-2022, 20:43
Electric car manufacturer sells record 83,135 vehicles in China in September

As Musk takes over Twitter, users test limits

Conservative handles began recirculating long-debunked conspiracy theories to ‘test’ if they would be taken down.

28-10-2022, 23:11

A Meteor crashed into Mars, triggered a massive quake, NASA pics show

A powerful Mars quake was felt by NASA's InSight lander. The resulting meteor strike was then captured on camera by an orbiter, which would be crucial for future missions to Mars.

28-10-2022, 21:16

Elon Musk takes charge of Twitter, fires CEO Parag Agrawal, other top executives

The 51-year-old billionaire had until October 28 to complete his $44 billion acquisition deal or risk facing a trial in November.

27-10-2022, 20:02

Tesla undergoing criminal investigation over self-driving claims

Tesla's marketing brochures began praising Autopilot's capabilities as early as 2016. Elon Musk, the CEO of the Silicon Valley automaker, said in a conference call that year that it was "probably better" than a human driver.

26-10-2022, 20:43

Samsung appoints convicted heir to top job

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has named convicted heir and de facto boss Lee Jae-yong as its executive chairman.

26-10-2022, 20:33

Can we speak to our dead relatives? What does technology say?

Digital clones of the people we love could forever change how we grieve.

20-10-2022, 23:48

Elon Musk sued by Twitter investor, accused of 'bluffing’ to secure better deal

The deal between Musk and Twitter was almost on the verge of completion in April earlier this year but the billionaire decided to back out. Musk blamed the number of fake users on the platform for his decision and said that 20 per cent of the total users on Twitter are actually bots.

11-10-2022, 09:38

US to announce new limits on Chip exports to China

Chip manufacturing has emerged as key US-China battleground

4-10-2022, 12:49

North Korea conducts longest-range missile test yet over Japan

The missile launches by Pyongyang has increased in the recent past with South Korea, Japan and the US conducting anti-submarine drills on Friday.

3-10-2022, 22:59