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Euro hits fresh 20-year low

Energy supply has already been strained by the continent's heat waves, and concerns are rising that any disruption during the winter months may be disastrous for business activity.

23-08-2022, 03:29

British Airways to cut 10,000 flights at Heathrow airport

The largest airport in Europe introduced its daily departure of 100,000 passengers in July, which is about 4,000 passengers per day, a little less than the planned flights

23-08-2022, 02:36

Germany may slip into recession if energy crisis escalates, warns Bundesbank chief

Country's inflation rate 'possible' to hit 10% in autumn, returning to double-digit after more than 70 years, says Nagel, head of German central bank

21-08-2022, 23:46

Chinese consumers selling Rolex watches & Hermes bags to raise quick cash

The price of second-hand Rolex Submariners, a must-have 'watch' on every collector's list has seen its price tumble by almost 46 per cent since March, earlier this year.

21-08-2022, 00:36

US stock market closes lower on Friday

VIX volatility index jumps 5.1%

20-08-2022, 01:48

Pharmacies ordered to pay $650m in Ohio opioids suit

A federal judge has ruled that America's three largest pharmacy chains must pay $650.5m (£539.8m) for helping fuel a painkiller crisis in two Ohio counties.

18-08-2022, 02:17

US and Taiwan announce formal bilateral trade talks

The US has announced that they will begin formal trade negotiations with Taiwan, weeks after a controversial visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

17-08-2022, 11:31

Germany's economic sentiment down in August, still in negative zone

Experts expect further decline for already weak economic growth in Germany

16-08-2022, 23:42

Aramco reports 90% profit rise in 2022

Aramco's second quarter 2022 profits hit $48.4 billion compared to $25.5 billion in same period of last year

15-08-2022, 12:09