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UN: Developing countries face years of difficulty as global economy slows

UN Trade and Development Conference expects global growth to slow in 2023 to 2.1%, calls for bold economic agenda to counter trend

12-04-2023, 10:20

Oil posts slight losses in week ending April 7

OPEC+ move comes amid ongoing woes over global economic recession and possibility of further US Fed interest rate hikes, all of which could negatively impact oil demand

7-04-2023, 21:45

European stock markets rally for 2nd straight day

Spain's IBEX 35 performs best, soaring 136 points, or 1.5%

30-03-2023, 13:33

First Citizens Bank purchases Silicon Valley Bank's deposits, loans

Former SVB branches to open as First Citizens Bank on Monday, says Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

27-03-2023, 19:33

Germany witnesses biggest transport strike in decades

Flights grounded at major airports, Deutsche Bahn cancels all long-distance trains

27-03-2023, 19:05

OECD hikes global growth forecast for 2023, 2024

Global growth to reach 2.6% this year, 2.9% next year, according to latest OECD assessment

19-03-2023, 19:50

Minimum wage in Greece to be raised by 9.4%

Conservative new democracy still ahead on polls, with its leader, Prime Minister Mitsotakis, also ahead of other candidates

18-03-2023, 20:11

Russia sanctions 23 UK citizens in retaliatory move

Russia bars entry of UK military chiefs, management of Zinc Network Corporation, representatives of judges and officials of penitentiary system

17-03-2023, 19:42

11 banks pour $30 billion to save First Republic Bank

Support by group of large banks demonstrates resilience of banking system, US agencies say

17-03-2023, 19:21