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Global Food Prices Decline in October, FAO Reports

The FAO's latest update reveals a third consecutive monthly drop in global food prices for October, with reduced indices in key categories such as sugar, cereals, and meat.

3-11-2023, 22:49

13 Businesses to Start for Under $1,000 in 2023 (part2)

Here are more suggestions about our previous article about 13 Businesses to Start for Under $1,000 in 2023:

26-10-2023, 21:18

US Stocks Slide as September Consumer Inflation Exceeds Estimates

US financial markets witnessed losses as annual consumer inflation figures for September surpassed estimates, prompting concerns about prolonged monetary tightening and higher interest rates by the Federal Reserve.

12-10-2023, 23:33

Tesla Adjusts Pricing Strategy Amidst Delivery Setback in the US Market

American electric car manufacturer Tesla reacts to disappointing delivery numbers by slashing prices on key models, with the Model 3 now starting at $38,990 and the Model Y at $48,490, signaling a strategic move in a challenging market.

8-10-2023, 19:11

S&P Global Ratings' Bleak Outlook for UK Economy: Stagnation Looms into 2024

S&P Global Ratings presents a somber economic outlook for the UK, predicting sluggish growth and a delayed recovery into 2024, citing persistently high inflation and evolving monetary policies as key factors.

26-09-2023, 20:05

Gatwick Airport Cancels Over 160 Flights Due to Controller Shortage Amid Pandemic

London's Gatwick Airport cancels numerous flights as staffing shortages, exacerbated by the Covid pandemic, force restrictions until October 1st.

25-09-2023, 22:26

India's Democratic Advantage in Exporting to Europe Gains Traction Amid Supply Chain Shifts

The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) is set to play a significant role in trade, digital connectivity, energy, and food security.

24-09-2023, 22:15