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China widening spying law spooks foreign businesses

China has widened the scope of its counter-espionage law, which critics worry may create additional legal risks or confusion among global corporations.

27-04-2023, 05:56

More than 1,000 firms stop businesses in Russia

Dozens of companies from Western countries, including Germany, US, UK, France, Italy, still active in Russia despite sanctions

27-04-2023, 05:37

Iran, Saudi Arabia resume bilateral trade

Iran, Saudi Arabia have taken several measures in last two months to restore ties

25-04-2023, 13:49

Moscow warns termination of Black Sea Grain Initiative if G-7 bans exports to Russia

Ban on exports to Russia also implies ban on imports from Russia itself, says deputy head of Russian Security Council

23-04-2023, 19:27

Extremists use virtual assets to move funds: Treasury Department

Several techniques involve decentralized finance services, says official

23-04-2023, 19:10

Paris hospital closes emergency room temporarily due to staff shortages

Doctors called on hospital management to hire additional staff without delay

22-04-2023, 23:32

Chinese currency replaces dollar in Bangladesh's payments to Russia

Bangladesh will settle repayments to Moscow for an under-construction nuclear power plant in Chinese currency.

17-04-2023, 18:18

Argentina: Inflation rises 7.7% on monthly basis

Argentina's inflation jumps to new record of 104.3% in March

14-04-2023, 15:02

UN: Developing countries face years of difficulty as global economy slows

UN Trade and Development Conference expects global growth to slow in 2023 to 2.1%, calls for bold economic agenda to counter trend

12-04-2023, 10:20