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Israeli Flag Raised in Baku Amidst Controversy Following Karabakh Conflict

-22-09-2023, 12:19
In a move that has stirred international controversy, the Israeli flags were raised in Baku during celebrations that followed the recent conflict in Karabakh, where military forces from Baku have been accused of conducting an ethnic cleansing operation against the Armenian population.

Iraqi "Bani Amer" Group Displays Quranic Reverence Amid Rising Quran Desecration Incidents

Members of the "Bani Amer" group from Basra arrive at the holy shrines of Imam Hussein (AS) and Hazrat Abbas (AS) in Karbala, showcasing Quranic verses with drone footage during the Arbaeen procession.

19-09-2023, 07:41

US Produces 2 Million 155mm Cannon Balls for Ukraine War

US Department of War Orders Production of 155mm Artillery Shells for Ukraine Conflict

25-08-2023, 10:43

Chaos Unleashed at Union Square Park Leads to Riot Charge for YouTube Streamer

Following the announcement made by Kai Cenat, a well-known YouTube and Twitch streamer, to distribute free game consoles, a multitude of individuals flocked to the park in Manhattan, resulting in thousands of people gathering at the location.

9-08-2023, 21:59

Putin: Russia Prepared for Everything Despite No Desire for Military Confrontation with the US

When questioned about the US's provocations in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin replied that while Russia is prepared for any situation, it does not desire a direct military confrontation with the US.

31-07-2023, 00:39

Iran's Abu Mahdi Missile: A Defiant Response to US Threats

The deployment of Iran's Abu Mahdi missile serves as a clear and resolute message in response to the threats posed by the United States. With its advanced capabilities and long-range reach, this missile showcases Iran's determination to defend its interests and counter any potential aggression.

25-07-2023, 19:17

Controversial Israeli Judicial Reforms Raise Concerns of Marginalization and Aggressive Actions

The recent approval of judicial reforms in Israel, which significantly reduce the power of the Supreme Court, has raised concerns about the marginalization of opposition and also these reforms may pave the way for intensified Judaization of Palestine, settlement expansion, and other potentially violent actions.

24-07-2023, 23:00

Concerns Over Biden's Mental Acuity and Physical Health as President

There is a growing apprehension regarding President Biden's mental sharpness and physical well-being, with a significant number of Americans expressing doubts about his ability to effectively serve in the role.

24-07-2023, 22:45

Biden Issues Warning to Netanyahu Over Controversial Judicial Reforms in Israel

The protest against Netanyahu's judicial reforms took place in the "Kariah" security area in Tel Aviv, where important Israeli institutions like the Ministry of Defense are located.

23-07-2023, 18:58

Israeli Forces Showcase Commitment to Media Freedom Through Beatings

During the Tel Aviv demonstrations, a Haaretz photographer was arrested while covering the events.

14-07-2023, 21:25