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Tensions escalating in Iraq each moment

-29-08-2022, 21:59
The situation in Iraq is very tense, people affiliated with Muqtada al-Sadr are attacking government centers in different cities.

When Biden became a laughing stock!

"My name is Joe Biden, I'm Barack Obama's vice president and I'm Jill Biden's husband."

6-04-2022, 02:48

Melinda reveals one of the reasons of her divorce with Bill Gates

Bill Gates’s relationship with the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was a factor in his divorce after 27 years of marriage, his ex-wife has revealed.

6-04-2022, 01:45

Netizens decry 'racist' double standard in Ukraine media commentary

Social media users accuse the media of hypocrisy in its coverage of Russia’s war on Ukraine compared with other conflicts.

3-04-2022, 15:03

Saudi Aramco’s Jeddah oil depot hit by Houthi attack

Saudi Arabia announces ‘military operation’ in Yemen following series of drone and rocket attacks on the kingdom. Yemen’s Houthis rebels have acknowledged a series of attacks on Saudi Arabia after state media in the kingdom reported rocket and drone strikes targeting an oil depot in Jeddah and other facilities in Riyadh. A huge plume of black smoke was seen rising from the plant in Jeddah, as the

26-03-2022, 13:15

Off-duty cop kneels on Wisconsin student’s neck

An off-duty police officer escorts a 12-year-old student out of a school cafeteria following a lunchtime fight, in Kenosha.

22-03-2022, 04:33

How can Iraq be a threat to US which is miles apart? asks Lavrov

The United States, has never been honest with the former Soviet Union and have always deceived Kremlin officials, said Lavrov.

11-03-2022, 12:28

Russian man smashes iPad in response to U.S. sanctions

A video of a Russian man smashing an Apple iPad after the company said it would no longer sell its products in the country has gone viral online. The 30-second clip has been viewed more than 340,000 times since it was uploaded on Twitter on Wednesday. In the clip, a Russian man is seen kneeling next to a young boy while holding a hammer in one hand and an Apple iPad in the other.

3-03-2022, 18:37

CBS reporter Charlie D'Agata dives for shelter as a massive bomb explodes behind him

Charlie D'Agata was broadcasting live from Ukraine on Wednesday night and was handing the segment back to US offices when an explosion went off behind him.

3-03-2022, 06:55