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As many as 150 human rights defenders killed in Colombia in 2022

Among those most affected are members of Indigenous groups, community leaders, farmers, says ombud Carlos Camargo

28-10-2022, 23:50

As Musk takes over Twitter, users test limits

Conservative handles began recirculating long-debunked conspiracy theories to ‘test’ if they would be taken down.

28-10-2022, 23:11

Oil declines over demand fears as China applies lockdowns

Upcoming EU sanctions on Russian hydrocarbon exports limit further losses

28-10-2022, 23:06

Israel elections; Why the language of hate is a real security threat?

For far too long politicians have used violent language against opponents, and now the beast might be too big to contain

28-10-2022, 22:13

Death toll hits 72 as Tropical Storm Nalgae drenches Philippines

Maguindanao province has been hardest hit by rain-induced floods and mudslides.

28-10-2022, 21:27

Industry workers in Germany brace for strikes

Collective bargaining dispute in metal and electrical industry escalates amid country’s high inflation rate

28-10-2022, 21:24

Mexico to host Round 20 of Formula 1 World Championship

With 13 wins, Red Bull Racing's Dutch driver Max Verstappen has already secured 2022 F1 title

28-10-2022, 21:22

A Meteor crashed into Mars, triggered a massive quake, NASA pics show

A powerful Mars quake was felt by NASA's InSight lander. The resulting meteor strike was then captured on camera by an orbiter, which would be crucial for future missions to Mars.

28-10-2022, 21:16

Paul Pelosi undergoes successful skull surgery

Biden called the attack "despicable" and said that everyone needs to stand up against political violence.

28-10-2022, 21:12