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Information Blackout: Internet, Phone Network Cut In Gaza

Discover the truth behind the Internet shutdown in Israel through this compelling video.

30-10-2023, 00:21

Under Fire: The Plight of Gaza’s Cancer Patients Amid Israeli Airstrikes

The Israeli airstrikes on Gaza’s only cancer hospital, the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, increases the suffering of cancer patients and potential risks to their lives.

29-10-2023, 23:57

Shifting Sands: U.S. Opposition to Israeli Ground Assault on Gaza

This article explores the U.S.'s opposition to a potential Israeli ground assault on Gaza, attributing it to changing global dynamics, the decreasing importance of oil, and the U.S.'s policy of decentralization from West Asia.

29-10-2023, 22:22

Al-Ahli Hospital Assault: Israeli Regime’s Crime Against Humanity

The Israeli army’s rocket attack on Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza, resulting in over 500 civilian casualties, is a clear violation of international humanitarian law.

27-10-2023, 22:34

Israel's Use of White Phosphorus Bombs on Gaza's Civilians

Israeli regime has been using prohibited white phosphorus bombs in recent Gaza attack

26-10-2023, 21:44

Israel's Escalation in Gaza Sparks Concerns as Humanitarian Crisis Deepens

Intensified Attacks, Hostage Dilemma, and Aid Struggles: A Critical Update on the Israel-Hamas Conflict

22-10-2023, 18:45

Alarming Disparity: More Palestinian Children Were Killed in 1 Week Than Ukrainian Children Were Killed in 1 Year

Amid closed borders and limited aid, children in Gaza have been gravely affected by the current conflict.

19-10-2023, 05:41

Malaysia Withdraws from Frankfurt Book Fair, Expresses Solidarity with Palestine

Malaysian Ministry of Education cites solidarity with Palestine amid ongoing Israeli aggression

18-10-2023, 20:20