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Mysterious 'Fairy Circles' Discovered on Three Continents Puzzle Scientists

Researchers unveil global study of enigmatic 'fairy circle' vegetation patterns, shedding light on their ecology and distribution across arid regions.

25-09-2023, 22:35

Multiple Sex Offence Allegations Arise Against British Comedian Russell Brand

British police investigate four sexual assault allegations against actor and comedian Russell Brand following a joint exposé by The Times, The Sunday Times, and Channel 4.

25-09-2023, 22:31

Gatwick Airport Cancels Over 160 Flights Due to Controller Shortage Amid Pandemic

London's Gatwick Airport cancels numerous flights as staffing shortages, exacerbated by the Covid pandemic, force restrictions until October 1st.

25-09-2023, 22:26

Japanese Ex-Diplomat Sounds Alarm on Weakening Yen, Calls for Currency Market Intervention

Former Japanese currency diplomat Takehiko Nakao raises concerns about the yen's decline, suggests potential currency market intervention, and calls for a reevaluation of Bank of Japan's monetary policy.

25-09-2023, 22:21

France's Highest Court Upholds Ban on Muslim Abaya Dress in Schools

France's Council of State rules in favor of the government ban on Muslim abaya dress in schools, sparking controversy over potential infringement on fundamental freedoms.

25-09-2023, 22:15

Al-Nassr Advances to Saudi King Cup Round of 16 with Convincing Win Over Ohod

Al-Nassr secures a Round of 16 berth in the Saudi King Cup after a commanding 5-1 victory against Ohod, with Cristiano Ronaldo rested for the match.

25-09-2023, 22:11

Azerbaijani and Armenian Officials Establish Joint Civil Activities Working Group in Karabakh

Azerbaijani and Armenian officials agree to form a collaborative working group for civil initiatives in Karabakh, focusing on social, humanitarian, and infrastructure matters.

25-09-2023, 22:09

Escalating Tensions Between Serbia and Kosovo: A Decades-Long Struggle in the Balkans

"The Deepening Rift Between Serbia and Kosovo: A Prolonged Conflict Unfolds in the Balkans"

25-09-2023, 22:07