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Global Malaria Cases Surge to 249 Million, Exceed Pre-Pandemic Levels

- 30-11-2023, 11:26
A recent report from the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals a concerning global spike in malaria cases, reaching 249 million, surpassing pre-coronavirus pandemic levels.

Which is better for us: "Real" meat or "fake" meat?

In the quest to satisfy our taste buds and conscience, we pit traditional farmed meat against plant-based alternatives and the emerging contender of lab-grown meat. But in this culinary showdown for health and sustainability, is there a clear winner?

18-09-2023, 13:07

The Reason Why Cancer is so Hard to Beat

A gripping narrative of the relentless battle against cancer, where the body's immune forces face cunning adversaries, shedding light on the ongoing quest to conquer this formidable foe.

16-09-2023, 20:17

8 WORST Foods & Drinks to AVOID For Acid Reflux Relief

Unveiling the Culprits: Foods and Habits That Trigger Acid Reflux and How to Keep it at Bay

16-09-2023, 19:55

Rothschilds' Involvement in Covid-19 Predates Pandemic by 5 Years

Explore the alleged involvement in the creation and concealment of COVID-19 as a potential biological weapon, along with failed attempts to establish a narrative of natural origin

12-09-2023, 05:35