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South Korea reports highest daily COVID-19 cases in 3 months

East Asian nation registers over 100,000 new cases, 25 related deaths in past 24 hours as omicron subvariant spreads

27-07-2022, 04:31

WHO declares monkeypox a global health emergency

More than 16,000 cases now reported in 75 countries, territories, says WHO chief

24-07-2022, 10:35

Our DNA came from space, says a scientific study

The findings in this study have reinforced the argument that life’s building blocks are extra-terrestrial in origin

22-07-2022, 23:59

How would the world deal with future pandemics?

Thanks to the economic instability and the millions of lives lost during the coronavirus crisis, new worldwide defences that are powerful enough to stop such a nightmare in the future have been advocated

21-07-2022, 23:40

Europe faces COVID-19 challenges as cases triple, WHO warns

Regional chief calls on countries to relaunch mitigation efforts, prepare for increased burden on health-care systems

19-07-2022, 23:54

COVID-19: Macau to extend its partial lockdown for one week

All residents are required to remain at home, with the exception of going shopping for daily essentials and getting themselves tested for the virus

16-07-2022, 22:55

Deadly diseases may follow drought in Somalia, warns UN health agency

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency WHO Somalia head says diseases accompanying drought may kill more people than hunger

8-07-2022, 01:39

Covid-19: Chinese city forced to shut down again to avoid 'explosion' of cases

Zhang Xuedong, who is the city official, said during a press conference that Xi'an would implement "seven-day temporary control measures". The measures would "allow society to quieten down as much as possible, reduce mobility... and cut the risk of cross-infection"

5-07-2022, 19:10

Spain reports first homegrown cholera case since 1979

Authorities seal off farm in Toledo where water is believed to be contaminated.

23-06-2022, 07:33