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Chengdu to end full COVID-19 lockdown

Some districts in Chengdu have already started to exit from a full lockdown since September 8

14-09-2022, 21:34

10,000 steps walk per day reduces risk of dementia, cancer, and mortality: Study

The study used data from the UK biobank to correlate step counts from 78,500 UK adults aged between 40 and 79

13-09-2022, 06:59

NY ends mandatory Covid mask requirement in public places

Mask mandates, however, are still in force in nursing homes, hospitals and other health-care facilities licensed by the state

7-09-2022, 22:03

FDA approves Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 booster shots in US

Boosters still need CDC approval, could be rolled out to public starting next week

31-08-2022, 23:59

Mass COVID-19 testing in China amid rising cases

Due to an outbreak in the Sichuan province, all residents in Chengdu have been ordered to stay at home from 6 pm.

31-08-2022, 23:31

21% decline in the Monkeypox cases across globe: WHO

Since late April, more than 45,000 monkeypox cases have been reported in 98 countries following which it was classified as a public health emergency of international concern

25-08-2022, 23:02

UK Covid deaths doubled this summer

In England, Covid was sixth amongst the most common causes of mortality in July

23-08-2022, 23:59

WHO invites public to rename monkeypox

Global experts have agreed to refer to monkeypox virus variants by Roman numerals

16-08-2022, 23:45

Pollution levels even if low, also cause major health damage: Study

Levels of air pollution well below national and international air quality guidelines are associated with an increased risk of death

12-08-2022, 21:54