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General Soleimani's Strategic Leadership in the defeat of ISIS

General Soleimani's strategic leadership, a decisive force in defeating ISIS, reshaping the Middle East and leaving an indelible mark on history.

2-01-2024, 10:56

Journalists documenting Gaza genocide 'are the heroes': US Scholar

Hatim Bazian, a Palestinian-American scholar, sheds light on the minute-by-minute coverage of the Gaza genocide, emphasizing the role of journalists as heroes

31-12-2023, 22:47

Israeli Teen Jailed for Rejecting Military Duty in Protest Against Gaza War

'I refuse to believe that more violence will bring security, I refuse to take part in a war of revenge'

28-12-2023, 19:45

Modern Diplomacy: Saudi Arabia's Surprising Shift towards Israel Amidst Gaza War

This article delves into the pragmatic considerations behind Saudi Arabia's pursuit of normalized relations with Israel, shedding light on the interplay of political, economic, and strategic interests in the midst of the Gaza war.

26-12-2023, 20:58

Iranian General Assassinated by Israeli Regime

The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs asserted that Israel's targeting of Sayyed Razi Mousavi stemmed from its frustration over documented global political, military, and security setbacks, acknowledged by military strategists worldwide.

26-12-2023, 09:19

Kremlin Identifies Foreign Efforts to Incite Unrest in Serbia

The Kremlin spokesperson asserts that Serbia is led by a lawful and legitimate government, which, in their view, is well-equipped to implement any required measures.

26-12-2023, 02:57

Heartbreaking Footage: Innocent Children Killed in Israeli Strikes on Gaza

A devastating video exposes the aftermath of Israeli strikes in Jabaliya, Gaza, where innocent children were tragically martyred in their sleep.

20-12-2023, 00:08

Israeli Strikes on Jabalia Refugee Camp: Tragic Toll Rises to 90 Dead, 100 Injured

The latest Israeli attacks in northern Gaza's Jabalia refugee camp result in a devastating toll of 90 lives lost and over 100 injured, including women and children.

20-12-2023, 00:03

Israel Unearths Qassam Brigades' Functioning Tunnels

You arrived late; The mission is completed!

19-12-2023, 06:49